If you're going to check in node_modules...

So you've decided to check in node_modules. Good for you, deploys and installs will be faster, dev ops will love you, and you can actually use git bisect again.

That said, there might be one or two devs on your team that will run git status and wonder what the f*** is going on. Upon learning that this was your decision, they may approach you in the following manner:


Let's talk about how you can help them help you.

1. Document your choices in README.md and/or CONTRIBUTOR.md

Let's be honest, most projects on Github have not yet seen the light. If you expect contributors to commit node modules in patches, ask them to do so explicitly. If you want you can include a link to a blog post or some reasoning about why you've made that decision, but at least say that you've made it.

2. Commit node_modules updates in a separate commit. Document this somewhere in your contributor guidelines

Weeding through 360 files to find the ones that have significant changes sucks. Make your reviewer's life easier.

3. Immediately email your team's mailing list with a summary of the above

Contributors who already work on your project are not going to spontaneously re-read your readme.

4. Show them the numbers

So your app deploys way fucking faster now, right? Right. Show them the stats. Even better, let them deploy your next build, so they can feel it.